Issue Background

Legislative Agenda


  1. Advance sound education policy supporting high standards for teaching and learning and ensuring access to a high-quality education for all Arizona students. Commit to the recruitment and retention of highly-effective educators for all classrooms.
  2. Promote the necessary and appropriate funding for public education investing in Arizona’s children and its future.
  3. Promote fairness and respect for public education and all public education employees.
  4. Maintain a fair and secure retirement system for current, retired and future school employees.


Quality Teaching and Learning

  • AEA advocates for policies that:
  1. Promote a statewide systemic approach to quality teaching and learning including highly-effective teacher preparation programs and certification, professional development, mentoring and induction, career development pathways, evaluation, and compensation structures.
  2. Promote equity and excellence for all students by providing flexibility in the Structured English Immersion (SEI) models for English Language Learners (ELL), including replacement of the SEI four-hour model with a research- based language development curriculum. Provide funding to meet the needs of all ELL students and content providers.
  3. Remove high-stakes consequences tied to mandated assessment data, including LEA, school, and individual ratings of effectiveness (i.e., A-F accountability system); evaluations, compensation structures and personnel decisions.
  4. Support legislation confirming instruction as the primary duty of teachers.

Public Education Funding

  • AEA advocates for policies that:
  1. Prevent the Arizona Legislature and Governor from diverting revenue away from public schools through tax cuts, tax credits and vouchers (i.e., empowerment scholarship accounts and student tuition organizations).
  2. Provide immediate and significant public education funding (FY2018) focused on the needs of our public schools in Arizona as follows:
    • Sustain a workforce of qualified teachers with competitive compensation and support.
    • Provide critical tools for classrooms with supplies and updated textbooks and technology.
    • Fund school building maintenance and repair to give students safer, clean and functional places to learn. Identify mid-term and long-term funding resources for Arizona public schools.
  3. Invest in school readiness via early childhood and K-3 educational programs, including state-funded full-day kindergarten.
  4. Provide career and technical education funding to assist students in preparing to enter the workforce.
  5. Amend payroll statutes so that school districts can only withhold five days of labor, just like any other employer in the state.

Fair Employment Rights

  • AEA advocates for policies that:
  1. Restore teacher employment rights relating to contract dates, RIF process, salaries, nonrenewal notices and association work.
  2. Establish due-process rights for education support professionals (classified employees).
  3. Provide for fair and meaningful evaluation systems, with educator input, which support educator professional development, professional growth, and quality teaching, as well as include a clear appeal process.

Retirement System

  • AEA advocates for policies that sustain a Defined Benefit plan for public employees.