Arizona - SB1039

Lowering Teaching Standards


January 10, 2017


Expands certification to the local level. A or B school districts and charter schools will be able to provide local alternative certification to teachers. Same bill from 2016: SB1313 that was killed by AEA. AEA strongly opposes SB1039.


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Senate Bill 1039 would lower the standards in the teaching profession and tell over 50,000 teachers in Arizona that their work is not worthy of certification aligned to professional, statewide standards.

At a time when teachers already feel disrespected due to a perceived lack of support or education investments from the state, this bill sends a disturbing message to teachers, students, and parents about the value of investing in qualified teachers.

SB1039 undermines the teaching profession and teachers who worked hard to reach the high expectations set by the Arizona State Board of Education. It would deprofessionalize teachers in our state by creating different standards for the same certificate and will eliminate the ability for Arizona teachers to receive reciprocity in other states as our certification process will no longer be comparable.

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