Arizona - SB1282

teachers; performance pay; evaluations


January 26, 2017


Increases student data in teacher evaluations to minimum of 50%.

Pull continuing status for teachers receiving the two bottom performance classifications.

Removes protections for teachers assigned to new grade levels and subjects.

Ties increase in compensation performance based on new framework.

New Section: D or F school needs permission from State Board of Education to increase base level.

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Every child is unique and this bill is forcing students to fit into one standardized mold by prioritizing testing over learning.By doubling down on the current high-stakes testing, state legislators are forcing the failed policies from NCLB on our students and teachers. 

This bill is an attack on teachers. By tying student test scores to teacher evaluation without adequate resources or funding, state leaders are setting up our teachers and students for failure. Our state is already facing a crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers and this bill will drive even more out of our state and the profession.


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