Issue Background

Huntington's Disease Parity Act

The Huntington’s Disease Parity Act  (H.R.2770/ S 1476) will improve access to Medicare coverage for individuals with Huntington’s Disease (HD). The legislation will …

  • Waive the Medicare two year waiting period, thereby ensuring individuals receive critical health benefits and care in the early stages of the disease.

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The HD Community had a huge win with the recent updates to the Social Security Disability guidelines for Huntington's disease. But, we still have to wait two years to access Medicare. 

Medicare Benefits

Medicare’s two year waiting period is particularly devastating for people with HD.  Once a person with HD is finally deemed eligible for SSD benefits, they are forced to wait two years to receive Medicare benefits.  During the two year wait, HD’s destructive impact cognitively and physically robs the person of their ability to live independently.