The Racist Filibuster Must Go

Join Us in Protecting Our Democracy by Working to End the Filibuster

The filibuster -- a procedural rule from 1806 that allows a Senate minority to block legislation from receiving a vote -- is a relic of the Jim Crow-era that has blocked democracy reform, civil rights protections, and health care expansion for far too long. We must take action, for the future of our country. 

Already, Senators are using the power of the filibuster to prevent critical legislation from becoming law in the 117th Congress, including the For the People Act, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the PRO Act, the Equality Act, and more. The filibuster is not protecting voters in the minority party; it protects political elites set on preserving the status quo. Add your name to join the Catholic Sisters and activists of NETWORK calling for the elimination of the Senate filibuster.